Mirror Image (October 2016)

"Mirror Image" is a 2D puzzle game I created in October of 2016 using Unity 3D. Players control two characters that move in a mirrored pattern. They collect pellets similar to Pac-Man, but rather than simply running from their enemies, players must take their time and try to anticipate their enemies moves. They must constantly think about how their two characters will mirror each other and how those moves will put them on the board in relation to their enemies.

"Mirror Image" was inspired by Chess and was meant to be a single player take on the classic Chess interaction of trying to predict your opponents moves and reacting accordingly. The challenge comes from trying to keep track of two things at once; how the two player characters will react to the players button presses and where each enemy is in relation to each of the characters. With this project, I challenged myself to create a game that's simple to learn and hard to master.

Check out the game on GitHub: https://github.com/PFranklinM/MirrorImage