Santak (May 2017)

"Santak" is a 2D puzzle-platformer about getting weaker over the course of the experience rather than getting stronger. The player begins the game at full strength, but as they play, they lose abilities and weapons one by one. Players must navigate through a level multiple times while trying to adapt to an ever shrinking arsenal of abilities. On the first run through, the player can literally just fly through the world. But as the game goes on, the player must rely more on well executed game mechanics and puzzle solving rather than the tools provided to the player by the game. Santak explores themes such as depression, exclusion, and my own inner critic and asks what it really means to “beat” a video game.

"Santak" was created as my thesis project at Parsons MFA in Design and Technology program.

Check out the game on GitHub:

If you would like to try out the game, you can download it here: